Real Estate in West Palm Beach
Randolph Bell

Real Estate in West Palm Beach
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First 24 hours

We’ve begun marketing our services for home buyers and purchasers less than 24 hours ago. Already in the first day we’ve received 3 inquiries. We are very pleased with the results thus far. However, we have a lot of work to do and never like rolling out a new web site without all of our ducks in a row. There’s a lot of work to do on the back-end.

In the coming days and weeks we want to improve the following:

  1. Boost our reviews so that we stand out on our profile page. Consumers trust reviews and we welcome (beg) everyone to visit our profile page and leave a short review. Link to Review Page- Please Leave Us a Review
  2. Add new content relevant to the Net Zero Energy Ready Home Concept
  3. Start adding current listings

Thank you everyone.


Randolph Bell



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